Welcome to the unofficial PV2 DevKit home. This site is not associated or endorsed by Pure Digital, SMaL Camera Technologies, or any other corporate entity involved with the PV2 one-time-use camera.


PV2DevKit is a develpment environment for the $20 CVS/Ritz single-use PureDigital cameras. The cameras are meant to be used and returned to where you purchased them for "developing" of the digital images. With the right software and cable you can convert these cameras into regular digital cameras.

These cameras contain a v8 uRISC CPU, flash memory, preview screen, etc. The firmware is contained on a filesystem in the flash memory, so it's possible to modify the camera itself. (Though you risk your $20 doing so). A less risky proposition is to upload programs to the camera over USB.

The devkit currently contains an Assembler and Linker, documentation on the CPU, as well as example assembly code. The example assembly code may get updated from time to time.

The devkit is far from complete, at least as far as examples and documentation go. This is mostly because we don't yet know how to access all of the hardware on the PV2 yet.

Getting Started

Before you can start using the devkit, you will need to obtain a camera (from Ritz, Wolf, or CVS) and a means of communicating with the camera. The cameras have a non-standard USB port - creating a custom cable to interface with this port is the first obstacle in communicating with the camera.

Information on hacking the pv2, the custom cable, and other pv2 topics can be found in the pv2 section of the camerahacking.com site. Be sure to read the FAQ topic there before posting questions!

Once you have obtained the cable and tested basic communication with the camera, you're ready for development with pv2devkit! Pick it up from https://sourceforge.net/projects/pv2devkit


Suggestions, patches, sample code, enlightenment, and praise can be sent to billwiley777@gmail.com. Send flames to root@localhost.

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